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Photographic Schedules of Condition

AJP Surveyors would always recommend that a Schedule of Condition is undertaken by an ingoing Tenant of a commercial property.

Incoming tenants often have numerous expenses at the outset and choose to avoid the extra cost of such a document. AJP Surveyors consider this to be false economy, and our experience is that a schedule outling the condition of the property at the outset can literally save thousands of pounds at the termination of the tenancy. Such a schedule mitigates against a Landlord making dilapidation claims against the tenant for repairs in relation to damage that was already present when the Tenant took possession of the building.

Our Schedule of Condition documents includes detailed written descriptions, video clips, and photographs which provide a clear record of the condition of a building when a Tenant takes possession. The document is then attached and referred to in the Lease by your solicitor which ensures that at the end of the Lease, the Tenant is not required to put the building back into any better condition than that in which they found it.

For a relatively small cost, a Schedule of Condition is a document that can save a lot of money when you finally vacate a rented commercial property. For more information, contact

John Baron MRICS 07950 976654